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Taiwanese celebrate Valentine’s Day with coffee

Convenience stores and coffee chains offer special promotions

(Image courtesy of Starbucks Coffee)

(Image courtesy of Starbucks Coffee)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Promotions for the resumption of work after the Lunar New Year holiday have barely ended, or convenience stores and coffee chains in Taiwan are turning their attention toward Valentine’s Day.

Special promotions ranging from “buy one, get one free” to half price for the second cup of coffee.


The omnipresent convenience store offers a second cup of its City Café coffee brand at half price from February 11 through the 26th. As its strawberry season takes off, products from that range see a 40-percent discount for the simultaneous purchase of a second product.

Family Mart

Convenience store chain Family Mart has launched a Baileys cherry chocolate drink, with 200,000 cups available across the country at NT$79 a piece instead of NT$99. Using the Family Mart app, visitors can enjoy two large Americanos for the price of one. If you sign up for the chain’s Line service by February 26, a medium cup of Americano will be waiting for you.


In order to promote its cloud app, Hi-Life offers six medium lattes for a discount of 38 percent, so the average cup costs only NT$31. Once the app has registered the order, the customer can pick up his drinks at any Hi-Life outlet.


The Dahu strawberry latte is the centerpiece at OK-Mart, with NT$65 for a large cup before February 20. Members can enjoy a second cup at half price, with 6,000 cups available nationwide.


When you buy at least two large cups before February 17, you receive a voucher for a second cup which you can give to a friend.


On Valentine’s Day, Cama Café offers a voucher in its app’s members area for a half-price second large cup of coffee.


The popular coffee-and-cake chain has presented a special range of cakes for the Valentine’s Day period until February 17.


Using the coffee chain’s Line app, a brown sugar latte or cocoa drink costs only NT$99 until 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.

Mr. Brown Café

The Yilan-based coffee chain has launched a “buy one, get one free” promotional action for the Valentine’s Day season.

Updated : 2021-06-21 22:33 GMT+08:00