Video shows Taiwanese Buddhist master twirl 150 times before vomiting

Video shows Taiwanese Buddhist master twirl 150 times nonstop for 4 minutes before hurling

(Screenshot from 惠嚴法師 Facebook page)

(Screenshot from 惠嚴法師 Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Yesterday (Feb. 12) a Buddhist master performed an impressive 150 turns over the course of nearly four minutes at a temple in central Taiwan; unfortunately, she also lost her lunch at the end.

The Longshan Shanjue Temple in central Taiwan's Nantou County yesterday (Feb. 12) invited female Buddhist monk Master Huiyen 惠嚴法師 to provide a blessing ceremony. During the ceremony, Huiyen twirled and swirled for a total of 150 rotations while splashing holy water, like a "gyroscopic sprinkler" for an impressive four minutes; unfortunately, she became queasy at the end and started to spew like a geyser.

In the video, Huiyen can be seen spinning clockwise as she works her way down a long red carpet and spilling plastic bottles of water, before chucking them aside once they are spent. For the next nearly four minutes, Huiyen continues to spin, dance, and toss plastic water bottles like a whirling dervish.

Video shows Taiwanese Buddhist master twirl 150 times before vomiting
Huiyen twirling on the red carpet. (Screenshot from 惠嚴法師 Facebook page)

At one point, she splashes some of her followers behind her, and they cheer with glee in response.

Finally, just before the four minute mark, Huiyen slows down and comes to a stop, well before reaching her presumed finish line. The constant spinning had churned her stomach into a pulp and it could take it no longer.

Huiyen staggered to a stop, tried to gather her composure, but needed to brace a follower for balance, before tossing her cookies.

Video shows Taiwanese Buddhist master twirl 150 times before vomiting
Huiyen just seconds before losing her lunch. (Screenshot from 惠嚴法師 Facebook page)

Netizens could not help but poke fun at the monk's exploits:

"Master, may I ask, is it normal to spin to the point of puking?"

"Namo Fighting Spinning Top" (南無戰鬥陀螺). This is a play on the Buddhist mantra Namo Amitbha (阿彌陀佛) and the Chinese word for spinning top (陀螺).

"Fortunately she didn't cough up beef... otherwise it would have been even more embarrassing."

"Sad. Gimmick from an unorthodox way."

"The master is spitting holy water, everyone quickly receive it."

"Ballet dancer mistaken for religion."

Huiyen seems to be a good sport about the incident, as she has kept the video on her Facebook page. In fact, she was the first to comment on the video and said "Grateful, auspicious! Amitabha Buddha!"

She later made a more detailed comment:

"Grateful, auspicious! Because we are not willing to give up the hard life of all living beings... we are going all out... Pray for: economic growth! Let the common folk live in peace and contentment... grateful! Amitabha Buddha!"

Updated : 2021-04-15 18:02 GMT+08:00