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French lawmaker declares 'Taiwan definitely not part of China' in letter to Foreign Minster

Following Xi's January speech, Republican Laure de La Raudiere, urges reconsideration of France's policy towards Taiwan

File photo from de La Raudiere's webpage

File photo from de La Raudiere's webpage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A French Parliamentarian has spoken up in defense of Taiwan, and grilled the country’s Foreign Minister on why France maintains its “One China” policy to appease Beijing.

Laure de La Raudiere, a French Politician from the Republican party, declared that “Taiwan is definitely not part of China” in a written letter to the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on the country’s policy in the Asia-Pacific.

The letter, which was delivered from the National Assembly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in early February, was prompted following the address by Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping at the beginning of the year. Xi’s address on Taiwan and his discussion of the “One China” principle and the “One Country, Two Systems” concept spurred de La Raudiere to seek clarification on Fance’s position regarding Taiwan.

In the letter, de La Raudiere declares that Taiwan cannot be compared to Hong Kong, and that Taiwan is not part of China, as evidenced by its political system, and respect for democracy and human rights, reports CNA.

De La Raudiere is also aware of the negative impact Chairman Xi’s remarks have on the stability of the Asia-Pacific region. The French lawmaker has asked the Foreign Minister to provide a response in order to clarify France’s position regarding cross-strait relations, and the recent remarks of the Chinese leader.

The letter reportedly asks whether France has any plans to send any government representatives to visit Taiwan in the near future, reports CNA.