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Taipei couple scrapes their way to NT$20 million scratch card jackpot

Taipei couple wins NT$20 million 'Super Red Envelope' scratch card lottery jackpot

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A lucky couple in Taipei scraped their way to the NT$20 million (US$649,000) scratch card lottery jackpot, announced the Taiwan Lottery Corp. yesterday (Feb. 12).

According local media reports, a clerk at a Taiwan Lottery store on Taipei's Mingsheng West Road said the winners of the "Super Red Envelope" scratch card NT$20 million jackpot were a couple in their 50s, who regularly come to the store every couple weeks or so by scooter. The clerk said they typically like to pick the pre-printed scratch cards on the counter, rather than choosing a specific set of numbers.

In order to stimulate sales during the Lunar New Year, the Taiwan Lottery on Jan. 3 announced that it is launching five new limited-edition Lunar New Year scratch cards, including the "Super Red Envelope," "Monopoly," "Triple Double," "Catering," and "Speeding 777."

The top prize, Super Red Envelope, is worth NT$20 million, and the second-place prize is NT$2 million plus a Mercedes-Benz A180, worth NT$1.58 million. Three lucky players will win the Super Red Envelope, while five participants will take home a Mercedes-Benz.

Last Thursday (Feb. 7), the couple had purchased four Super Red Envelope scratch cards from the counter and happily scraped away, before riding off on their scooter. Two days later, the clerk said the couple arrived at the shop early in the morning.

Still wearing her scooter helmet, the wife approached the counter, took out the winning card from her bag, and calmly said, "don't speak." When the clerk saw how much the woman had won, she almost shouted out with joy, but the woman immediately said, "don't say anything."

The woman then shook the clerk's hand and then walked out of the shop without skipping a beat. She then rode away with her husband, with the whole process taking only three minutes.

The shop assistant said the experience was like a dream, she never thought she would witness such a big prize being awarded in her store, much less the winner being so calm and collected.

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