Most favorite souvenirs to bring back from Taiwan for Southeast Asian visitors

Local specialties and snacks account for a majority of their expenditures in Taiwan

Ferrero Rocher chocolate (Photo/Pixabay)

Ferrero Rocher chocolate (Photo/Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chocolate confectionery and taro pastry are among the most favorite souvenirs to bring back from Taiwan for Southeast Asian travelers, reports said.

The Lunar New Year holiday has seen an influx of international visitors to Taiwan, an island known for its delicacies and a wide variety of snacks that serve as recommended souvenir choices.

In addition to signature Taiwan-made products such as pineapple cakes and facial masks, it may come as a surprise that Ferrero Rocher, an Italian chocolate and hazelnut confectionery, has emerged as one of the most sought-after souvenirs for travelers from Southeast Asian countries, reported FTV.

According to the report, the product is comparatively cheaper in Taiwan and naturally becomes a popular choice to satisfy Southeast Asia’s sweet tooth.

A taro dessert with mochi fillings called Zi Jing Su (紫晶酥) is well received by Vietnamese tourists, while dried meat floss and jerky have won the heart of people from the Philippines and Vietnam. Individuals in quest of something extraordinary should not miss the specially-flavored salted egg yolk biscuits unique to Taiwan, a must-buy for Thai visitors in particular.

According to the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan saw more than 25 million travelers from New Southbound Policy countries in 2018, accounting for 23 percent of the total tourist arrivals. Visitors spent most on local specialties and snacks during their sojourn on the island, taking up 34.79 percent, followed by garment and accessories (15.04 percent) as well as cosmetics and perfume (11.44 percent).

taro dessert with mochi fillings (Photo by 一福堂)