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Photo of the Day: Taiwan sign spotted in Flushing LNR parade

Taiwan sign runs gauntlet of Communist Chinese flags in annual Flushing, Queens Lunar New Year parade

Photo by Abraham Chuang.

Photo by Abraham Chuang.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A colorful sign which read "Taiwan" was spotted in the annual Flushing Chinatown Lunar New Year parade in the New York City borough of Queens on Saturday (Feb. 9).

The bold inflatable letters spelling out "Taiwan" stood in stark contrast with the sea of Communist China flags on either side. The Twitter account Keep Taiwan Free (@KeepTaiwanFree) posted the image on Sunday (Feb. 10) and asked followers to give it a caption.

Suggested captions by Twitter followers included the following:

"Brave Taiwan supporters walk the gauntlet of Communist flags!"

"Marching for the free and democratic Taiwan nation."

"Deportation for those holding CCP flags. Why are they in US, and will US be better off hvg ppl w such loyalties in our country?"

"ICE to root-out the spy fronts who organized ppl to show up & provided flags: CSSA+Confu Institute."

The tweet has thus far received 143 likes, 44 retweets, and 13 comments.

The inflatable letters were carried by members of the Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FASCA), which was one of at least eight Taiwanese organizations that took part in this year's parade.

Photo of the Day: Taiwan sign spotted in Flushing LNR parade
(Photo by Abraham Chuang)

Keep Taiwan Free tweet about the sign:

Updated : 2021-04-22 05:42 GMT+08:00