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Review: Goldberg's 'Killer Thriller' is action-packed

Review: Goldberg's 'Killer Thriller' is action-packed

"Killer Thriller" (Thomas and Mercer), by Lee Goldberg

Lee Goldberg has written an action-packed sequel to "True Fiction." His main character, Ian Ludlow, knows how to craft best-selling spy thrillers, and in "Killer Thriller," Ludlow's fictional character Clint Straker has become so popular a movie has been commissioned. Ian is invited to the film set in Hong Kong, and though he realizes the script is horrendous, he decides to watch the moviemakers in action. He arranges for his assistant Margo French to fly with him. To take advantage of the trip, Ian figures out a plot for his next novel that will have Hong Kong as the backdrop for the story.

The two of them work out the novel's details, and it involves a conspiracy by the Chinese to economically destroy the United States. What they don't realize is that their fictional idea is a reality, and when intelligence officers from China learn the two Americans have stumbled on an actual secret mission, Ian and French are targeted for assassination. Ian is going to have to emulate his spy character if he and his assistant are going to survive to save the day.

Goldberg walks a fine line between satire and action with exciting and hilarious results. The story reflects current news cycles with the economy and America's relations with China, and with Goldberg's talent for telling fun stories, the end result is a blast. The ending also forecasts future adventures for both Ludlow and his fictional counterpart Straker, which will be eagerly anticipated.

Updated : 2022-05-16 13:29 GMT+08:00