Taiwan Representative office in Germany shares 'year of the Pig' spirit with local politicians

Staff at the Taiwan Diplomatic Mission in Germany treated some local officials to a special meal for the Lunar New Year

(Photo from the Taiwan Representative Office in Munich)

(Photo from the Taiwan Representative Office in Munich)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan Representative Office in Munich, Germany treated some local politicians to some special Taiwanese-style foods over the Lunar New Year Holidays.

A meal of braised pork rice and steamed bun snacks were prepared by workers at the Taiwanese Diplomatic Mission in Germany. Several Bundestag members, and local members of the Taiwanese community in Germany joined the event.

Pictured above are Bundestag Member Thomas Hacker, Chairwoman of the Muldhorf Office of the Free Democratic Party, Sandra Maria Bubendorfer, and Deputy Director of the Bundestag Office, Karl Licht enjoying the steamed buns.

The steamed buns, shaped like pigs to celebrate the New Lunar Year were a sign of friendship, and a way to share Taiwanese culture with people in Germany. Guests at the event also shared the Taiwanese favorite, braised pork rice for an appropriate Lunar New Year meal, reports LTN.

Through this event, the Taiwanese Representative Office in Munich expressed its hope that there will be more cooperation and exchange between Germany and Taiwan.

A message shared to the office’s Facebook page expressed gratitude for all the support and friendship that Taiwan has received from Germany over the years.

Updated : 2021-03-08 13:59 GMT+08:00