16-year-old girl dressed in T-Rex costume attacked by thug in S. Taiwan

Tainan teen dressed in inflatable dinosaur costume viciously attacked by hoodlum

(Photo from Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!)

(Photo from Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A 16-year-old young woman, who wears an inflatable T-Rex costume to raise funds, on Friday (Feb. 8) reported being assaulted while performing on the streets of Tainan.

On Friday, the female high school student uploaded a photo on Facebook showing a mask covered in blood and wrote the following:

"After being hit and bleeding, I feel like my nose was almost broken. But I don't know who it was. It's very puzzling. Who on provoked whom? And nobody saw... No one can testify for me."

The student says that she comes from a disadvantaged family and she dresses up in the costume in order to help her family cover living expenses and to help with her tuition. The other reason why she dresses up in a full costume is to conceal her identity, even from her family.

Mask with blood stains after alleged assault. (Photo from Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!)

Many concerned netizens suggested that she contact the police about the incident. She responded by thanking everyone for their concern and said:

"I also wanted to call the police, but there was no evidence, and there was also a group of people around at the time. I wonder if he was with the group of people, then someone hit me. In this way, I was not able to tell who actually hit me."

She said that this was not the first time she has been harassed or assaulted. She wrote that on Tuesday (Feb. 5), a man spit on her: "Although I was able to counterattack it was really annoying. Please show some respect."

Because she does not have a license to perform, she says that she is often chased away by night market management. She says some man came close appearing to want to shake hands, but instead used an object to cut her.

Student in costume with signs asking for help. (Photo from Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!)

She said that some people will come close to the donation box under the guise of giving her money, but instead try to steal cash from her.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, she indicated that she would return to the night market where the assault took place, and expressed her hope that people would support her more.

Video of the young woman giving one of her performances: