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Taiwanese blogger divorces wife/cousin after affair with pastry chef

Taiwanese blogger divorces wife/cousin after her affair with Mexican pastry chef

(Photo from Andytn Tsai Facebook page)

(Photo from Andytn Tsai Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Less than a year after Taiwanese blogger Andy Tsai (無敵小恩恩) posted steamy photos of his nude wife and revealed that she was his first cousin, he announced that the couple has divorced after she allegedly had an affair with a Mexican pastry chef.

In May of last year, Tsai shocked his followers by posting two photos of his voluptuous wife, Annie, seated in a bath fully nude, before revealing that she is his first cousin. Friday (Feb. 8), Tsai shocked his Facebook followers again by uploading a post titled "Divorce Day 1" in which he announced that he has divorced his wife after she allegedly "fell in love" with a pastry chef she works with.

In the post, Tsai said that the couple had weathered many storms together and had chosen to take the children and move to the U.S. to start a new life. He said that his ex-wife had the dream of becoming a "world-class" pastry chef and he helped her achieve this dream by staying at home to care for their children.

However, Tsai said:

"Perhaps I was too strict with her, I was afraid she was proud and did not give her praise, although I knew she was great. When she returned home, I would force her to accompany the children. But I did not noticedthat my ex-wife was really tired, and added to the lack of communication between us, it lead to another person appearing. My ex-wife and a pastry chef fell in love."

Tsai emphasized that, "The head chef is Mexican, without American citizenship or money, but they are very happy together." Tsai confessed that he was in a lot of pain, but he decided to agree to let her go. He indicated that there was already some sort of conflict between his former wife and her new lover, but he was allowing her stay at his residence temporarily:

"When she decided to leave, I did not try to hold her back. When she was stood up by the head chef, she was very hurt, but when you love someone, you will do anything for them, that is why I've let her temporarily stay in this place where a family once lived."

In response to comments by angry netizens after he wrote that his wife was not planning on trying to take custody of the children, Tsai said:

"It's not that she doesn't want the children at all, it's just that she has a dream that she is pursuing. If she had full custody, they would be cared by a babysitter, I have more resources. We are in the worst situation, but trying to make the best of it for our children."

Tsai then closed by thanking his ex-wife again for the fond memories and defended her character after many disparaging comments had streamed in. "She won't receive my blessing, but I won't hurt her, because she's the one I love most in my life, not the b***h you speak of."