Japan 'Luminaire' light exhibit comes to Taiwan for the first time

The '2019 Taipei Banquet of Lights' display can be enjoyed Feb. 5 through Feb. 19

2019 Taipei Banquet of Lights (Image from PX Mart)

2019 Taipei Banquet of Lights (Image from PX Mart)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A popular light display in Japan known as “LUMINAIRE” is coming to Taiwan for the first time over the Lunar New Year holidays.

This year, thanks to the cooperative efforts of the Taipei City Government and the PX Mart Foundation (全聯福利中心) the Luminaire Light Art Exhibition (Luminarie光雕裝置藝術展), which has a history of 24 years in Kobe, Japan, will showcase a special version of the exhibition in Taipei.

The exhibit is entitled the “2019 Taipei Banquet of Lights” (2019台北光之饗宴) and includes hundreds of thousands of LED lights designed in the likeness of castle and cathedral walls with stained glass windows.

The Banquet of Lights kicked off on the evening of Lunar New Year’s Day, (Feb. 5) and will run until the day of the Lantern Festival on Feb. 19. The light exhibit is divided into three primary areas for visitors to enjoy entitled “Spalliera, Façade, and Galleria” which contain over 230,000 individual LED lights.

(Images from PX Mart Foundation)

To enjoy the light display, visit Sec. 4 of Renai Rd. (仁愛路四段) just south of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

Italian designer, Daniel Monteverde, who was also involved in the original 1995 Luminaire exhibit in Kobe, Japan joined the project in Taipei, reports ELLE. Originally, the Luminaire light exhibit was introduced following the Hanshin Earthquake of January, 1995, in which over 6,000 people lost their lives.

The Luminaire light exhibit, and the Taipei Banquet of Light, is intended to inspire a sense of hope, as well as progress, according to organizers.

Guests who visit the Banquet of Lights are encouraged to share their photos on social media with the hashtag #beTAIPEI, to express pride in Taipei, and raise awareness of Taiwan’s unique place on the international stage, according to SETN.

Several community welfare organizations and charity foundations also have booths on site providing information and taking donations from those willing to give to a good cause.

(Image from PX Mart Foundation)