Weather picks up in Taiwan, sunny skies Wednesday, Thursday

High temperatures are set to reach 28 degrees Celsius in the north

Sunny skies expected Wednesday, Thursday (Flickr/Taiwan1912)

Sunny skies expected Wednesday, Thursday (Flickr/Taiwan1912)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Northeasterly winds recede in northern and eastern Taiwan today meaning pleasant, sunny weather throughout the day for most of the island, according to a forecast from the Central Weather Bureau.

High temperature will reach 28 degrees Celsius in the north and 30 degrees in the south.

For those living in the east of Taiwan, a light fog may still blanket the coastline today. Travelers are warned to watch out for adverse conditions on the road.

The Central Weather Bureau reiterates that there will still be a sharp temperature drop in the evenings to around 15 or 16 degrees in most places, and the cooler weather will carry on through to the next morning. Citizens are advised to wrap up if outside through the night.

The next northeast monsoon is expected to hit on Feb. 8, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. From Friday, northern and eastern Taiwan can expect intermittent showers.

High temperatures will drop to around 20 degrees, although there is unlikely to be a significant difference in low temperatures.