Taiwanese actor To Tsung-hua arrested in Singapore for molesting flight attendant

The 56 year old actor was arrested upon arrival on a China Airlines flight for the charge of 'outrage of modesty'

To Tsung-hua (Photo from IMDB)

To Tsung-hua (Photo from IMDB)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese actor To Tsung-hua (庹宗華) has reportedly been arrested by police in Singapore for alleged drunk and disorderly conduct on a China Airlines flight Friday, Feb. 1.

The Taiwanese actor, who is famous for his roles in films “Yes Sir!” and “Lust Caution” was accused of molesting a flight attendant and insulting another passenger who confronted him.

The actor was reportedly demanding more alcohol from a flight attendant and touched her buttocks during their interaction. He was arrested at 6:57 p.m. for the charge of “outrage of modesty,” by Singapore police.

A spokesperson for To released a statement claiming that the actor was simply “excited” and eager to celebrate the Lunary New Year holidays. The statement denies that To molested the flight attendant, according to the Straits Times.

The actor subsequently released a 50 second video as a public apology and acknowledged he had acted inappropriately aboard the flight.

In his apology, he re-iterated the claim that he was simply very excited. He likewise asked for the forgiveness of the flight attendant who he claims to have unintentionally harassed.