Tourist at Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake caught taking upskirt photo of street performer

The man, curious about the woman's levitation act, crosses the line of decency to discover her secret

Screen grabs from video on Bai Xinyu's FB account

Screen grabs from video on Bai Xinyu's FB account

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A curious tourist visiting Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake is sparking conversation online this weekend after a video shared to Facebook reveals the man taking an up skirt photograph of a street performer in an attempt to discover the secret of her “levitation” act.

Taiwanese musician Bai Hsin-yu (白芯羽), who is a street performer, shared the video to her Facebook page on Saturday, Feb. 2 with a message criticizing the man and people who fail to show respect for street entertainers.

Bai shares some of her own experiences with rude behavior from members of the crowd. She shared the video to offer a teachable moment to people on the internet.

In the video, the man who is obviously curious about how the performer, dressed as a variation of the iconic Statue of Liberty, can be seen “levitating” by means of her cane.

In an effort to discover the magic of her performance, the man casually swipes his hand under the skirt, looking for some kind of support apparatus. He is caught in the act, and then gives a friendly grin and waves to the performer.

When the entertainer faces forward a second time, the man decides to use his phone’s camera to sneak a peek under the entertainer’s skirt. It is no doubt that it was this action which angered many netizens.

Besides being unwilling to simply appreciate the act for what it is, the man’s curiosity drove him to cross the line of social decency. In another context, on a subway or an escalator for example, such an offense can result in arrest.

The video from Bai’s Facebook page can be viewed below.