Man struck and killed by train at Taiwan Railways Miaoli Nanshi Station

The man, whose body was torn to pieces by the train, carried no identifying documentation or luggage

The man's shoes were photographed to potentially help with identification

The man's shoes were photographed to potentially help with identification (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 1, at the Miaoli Nanshi train station (苗栗南勢車站), a man fell onto the tracks and was stuck by an oncoming train.

The man was killed instantly by the south bound TRA122 train, which was pulling into the station at 3:15 p.m. Traffic had to be halted in both directions and over 800 passengers were forced to exit the train and wait on the platform while the train, and track were checked, and the body removed.

After the sudden stop and loud noise caused by breaking, passengers reportedly assumed there was a technical malfunction, before being told that a man had been struck and killed.

When personnel arrived at the scene it was discovered that the man was carrying no bag and no identifying documents. An investigation is ongoing to determine his identity.

CNA reports that the man tumbled onto the tracks and was struck almost instantly, with the man’s body being torn into pieces by the oncoming train.

It is possible the man simply lost his balance or tripped as he was queuing on the platform, but suicide is also a possibility. The Miaoli Nanshi station is a small unmanned station, with no cameras to record the incident, and there were no immediate witnesses on the platform, to help determine exactly how the man ended up in front of the train.

Passengers waiting on the platform of Maioli's Nanshi Station (CNA Photo)