Australia envoy shares favorite aspects of Taiwan after hiking Yushan

Gary Cowan has been Australia representative to Taiwan since January 2018, he recently gave a short interview with UDN

Envoy Gary Cowan atop Taiwan's Jade Mountain (Photo from Australian Office in Taipei)

Envoy Gary Cowan atop Taiwan's Jade Mountain (Photo from Australian Office in Taipei)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Australian envoy to Taiwan, Gary Cowan, recently spoke with Taiwanese media about his experience in Taiwan and his fondness for the country.

Cowan, who is a an avid hiker, sat down with United Daily News earlier this week and discussed his experience in Taiwan since taking his post last January at the Australian Representative Office in Taipei. During the talk Cohen shared three things that he loves about being in Taiwan, the great scenery, great food, and of course, Taiwan’s very friendly people.

UDN spoke with Cowan just after he had completed a hike of Taiwan’s highest mountain peak, Yushan (玉山), or Jade Mountain. Cowan said he was very impressed with the beautiful views and natural environment which the hike provided.

Cowan said that he has taken every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Taiwan. He also mentioned previous trips to Yangmingshan National Park and Taroko Gorge.

As for food, he mentioned Xiaolongbao (小籠包), or soup dumplings, and various night market snacks as some of his favorite items. He also expressed gratitude and praise for all of the friendly people he has met in Taiwan.

Cowan says that while he is Australia’s Representative to Taiwan, he aims to help further enhance relations between the two countries. Since Taiwan and Australia are founded on principles of liberty, democratic values, and the rule-of-law, they are sure to maintain a strong friendship moving forward.

Gary Cowan has served as Australia's envoy to Taiwan since January 2018. Previously he served as the deputy envoy to China at the Australian embassy in Shanghai from 2003 to 2007.