Temperatures across Taiwan to drop today, 2nd cold front to arrive over Lunar New Year

Continental cold air mass to cause mercury to dip to 13 degrees Celsius in N. Taiwan, 2nd cold wave to affect country over Lunar New Year

NOAA animated map of NW Pacific.

NOAA animated map of NW Pacific.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Due to the affects of a continental cold air mass, temperatures across Taiwan will be colder today, with lows in northern Taiwan to dip down to 13 degrees Celsius, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The CWB said that the weather will be cold all day today in Taiwan, with high temperatures in northern Taiwan only rising to 16 to 17 degrees. Compared with yesterday's high temperatures, there will be a drop of about 10 degrees.

Central and eastern Taiwan will see highs of between 16 and 17 degrees, while southern Taiwan will still rise to 26 degrees. After nightfall, the low temperatures in western Taiwan and Yilan will range between 13 and 15 degrees, while the mercury will run between 16 and 17 degrees in eastern Taiwan.

As for precipitation, there will be short-term rains in the greater Taipei area and eastern Taiwan, while the rest of northern Taiwan will see more clouds with a slight chance of rain. Central and southern Taiwan will see partly cloudy to sunny skies.

The CWB estimates that on Saturday and Sunday, the continental cold air mass will weaken and temperatures will rise. Balmy weather will return to Taiwan, though the temperature difference between day and night in western Taiwan will remain large. Most areas will see partly cloudy to sunny skies, with only sporadic, brief rains in eastern Taiwan.

By Monday and Tuesday (Lunar New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year's Day), a cold front will pass through and the northeast monsoon will grow in intensity. The weather at the beginning of the Lunar New Year will be cooler in northern and northeastern Taiwan, while central, southern, and eastern Taiwan will be cooler in the mornings and evenings.

On Lunar Year's Eve and Lunar New Year's Day, brief showers will be more likely in northern and eastern Taiwan, while scattered showers are possible in southern and central Taiwan.