Taipei MRT to offer Lucky Trip tokens for Lunar New Year tomorrow

Taipei Longshan Temple MRT station to issue limited-edition Lucky Trip tokens to mark Lunar New Year on Jan. 31

(Photo from Taipei Rapid Transit Corp)

(Photo from Taipei Rapid Transit Corp)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taipei's Longshan Temple MRT station will begin offering 5,000 limited-edition tokens on Thursday (Jan. 31), announced the Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. (TRTC) on Tuesday (Jan. 29).

Starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday (Jan. 31), a special automatic ticket vending machine in the Longshan Temple MRT station will begin selling 5,000 limited-edition Lucky Trip tokens.

When passengers purchase these tokens, they can have have their fortunes told in one of three categories: health, love, or career. After they have their fortune told, a digital "fortune receipt" can be printed or stored on a mobile app by scanning the QR code.

Lucky Trip ticket vending machine. (Photo by Taipei Rapid Transit Corp.)

In addition, the first 200 token buyers to present them at Longshan Temple will receive 200 free good luck charms.

The TRTC said that the Lucky Trip (樂吉籤) tokens are so named in Chinese to be homophonic with the English word for "Luck" leji (樂吉), while also meaning "happy" Le (樂) and Ji (吉), "auspicious." Unlike the usual blue plastic tokens which are only one-way trips, these tickets will be "jubilant fuchsia" in color and will have the Chinese character Ji (吉) on one side.

When sales start at the automatic ticket vending machine on Thursday, they will cost NT$50 (US$1.62) and are limited to two per person. They can be used for any distance on the Taipei MRT system and after their use can be kept as a souvenir.

Both sides of Lucky Trip token. (Photo from Taipei Rapid Transit Corp)