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Taiwanese boy blows off his hand in fireworks explosion in Taitung County

The 17 year-old's hand was unable to be reconstructed, and has been amputated

(Photo from Pixabay user pedrofigueras)

(Photo from Pixabay user pedrofigueras)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –On a bridge near the Zhiben Hot Spring (知本溫泉) in Taitung County’s Beinan Township (卑南鄉), on the evening of Jan. 29, a teenage boy lost his right hand due to careless use of fireworks.

According to reports, a 17 year old boy, surnamed Lin (林), was grasping on to an explosive when it ignited, blasting his right hand to shreds, and sending pieces of flesh and bone scattering.

The boy and several of his friends were gathering at the Yongnan Bridge (勇男橋) to set off the fireworks together. The boy who was injured was already awaiting his friends with the fireworks, when they arrived on their bicycles.

Almost as soon as they arrived to meet their friend, they heard a loud bang from the bridge, and saw the barely illuminated silhouette of their friend drop to the ground.

They immediately sought to administer first aid, and wrapped what was left of the boy’s right hand in clothing and took him to a nearby store to call for help.

Eventually the boy was treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and his the remains of his hand were amputated. LTN reports that he also suffered minor injuries to his right arm, abdomen, and face.

The report from Apple Daily speculates that it was a high altitude display firework which ignited, blasting part of the shell through the boy’s right palm.

The explosion occurred on the side of a bridge some 30 meters above the ground, causing some bits of his hand to fall to the ground below. The lack of light in the area made retrieval of the pieces of his hand particularly difficult.

Police officers are still investigating the circumstances of the incident, but have said that they do not expect to file any charges related to the boy’s injury.