Taiwan refuses entry to 3rd Chinese visitor in campaign against African swine fever

Three Chinese visitors have been deported for failing to pay the NT$200,000 fine

Warning signs at the airport (Source: CNA)

Warning signs at the airport (Source: CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A Chinese visitor arriving in Taiwan carrying pork products was refused entry Tuesday after he was unable to pay the NT$200,000 (US$6,490) fine for violating rules aimed at preventing African swine fever entering the country, the Council of Agriculture announced.

The incident was the third case since Taiwan introduced tougher measures, and all three of them involved citizens of China, the Central News Agency reported.

The traveler in question, a 28-year-old, arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 9 a.m. on China Airlines flight CI-922 from Hong Kong, and was found in possession of 2.92 kilos of sausages, pork products and roasted duck meat which he failed to declare.

As he did not pay the fine, he was put on a 1 p.m. Air China flight to Beijing in accordance with the new rules introduced on January 25. As long as he has not paid the fine in full, he will not be allowed into Taiwan, CNA reported.

While he was the third visitor to be deported this way, there were three others, also citizens of China, who did pay the NT$200,000 fine and were allowed to enter Taiwan, according to the authorities.

Over the past months, Taiwan has been toughening up its approach to the threat of African swine fever, which has grown closer with the find of contaminated carcasses believed to have floated from China to small Taiwanese-controlled islands near the coast of Fujian Province.