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Taiwan, Japan join hands to develop next generation of power meter systems

The project will seek to explore green life commercial opportunities for the two countries

Experimental area for next-generation power meter systems (Photo/ITRI)

Experimental area for next-generation power meter systems (Photo/ITRI)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Tokyo’s utility companies Power Grid (TEPCO PG) and Tokyo Gas have inked an agreement to pave the way for jointly developing next-generation power meter systems at the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City (沙崙智慧綠能科學城) in Tainan.

The project will draw on the expertise of the parties involved, including Taiwan’s smart energy management systems and the next-generation power meter technologies Japan boasts, ITRI said in a press release.

The power companies from Tokyo will establish a total of seven model homes at the experimental field in Tainan, which will be fitted with smart meters incorporating data of the amount of electricity, water, and gas consumed. Big data analysis will help provide insight into what a green lifestyle means for energy conservation.

In line with the “five plus two” innovative industries plan set out by the Executive Yuan, the Taiwan-Japan initiative will lay the foundation for bilateral collaboration in tapping the lucrative energy market as the island is geared towards energy transformation by 2025, noted Robert Hu (胡耀祖), head of the ITRI's Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories.

Improving quality of life through the analysis of tenants’ behavior is also one of the joint project’s objectives. Take senior care as an example. As an individual’s household activities leave an electricity footprint, relevant data can be used as an indicator of whether an abnormality has occurred in the life pattern of a solitary elder, which triggers a response mechanism accordingly.

Updated : 2021-05-13 08:05 GMT+08:00