Chinese tourist takes out Shanghai Disney mascot in 20 seconds flat

Shanghai Disney mascot suffers injury after Chinese tourist yanks ear

Man yanks on ear (left). (Weibo image)

Man yanks on ear (left). (Weibo image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In yet another instance of Chinese tourists abusing mascots at Shanghai Disneyland, a male visitor yanked the ear of the mascot for ShellieMay, apparently inflicting an injury to the person inside the costume.

Barely 20 seconds after a Shanghai Disney employee had entered a public area donning the costume for ShellieMay, video shows a Chinese tourist wearing a black coat yank on the mascot's ear as it walked past him. The sudden torquing motion appeared to have inflicted a head or neck injury on the performer inside, and the mascot was seen holding its head, before beating a hasty retreat to a back room.

An employee explained to NextMag that headpieces of such costumes contain very heavy frames, which can weigh up to 8 kilograms. Even what would be considered a light pat could cause a concussion to the wearer, and a sudden impact or twist by an external force could also easy injure their cervical vertebrae.

Closeup of ear being tugged. (Weibo image)

Sadly, "The Happiest Place on Earth" in China is no stranger to mascots being maimed by unruly Chinese visitors. In November 2017, a person dressed as Dale, an animated chipmunk from the Chip 'n' Dale cartoon series, received a concussion after being struck by a female visitor in the head. Chinese tourists seem to harbor a particular hatred for ShellieMay, as a man was banned from the park in July 2018 for slapping the costumed character in the back of the head.

Even Disney's iconic character Mickey Mouse has not been immune to the abuse, with a Chinese man being banned for six months after he struck the mascot in the head in October 2018.

Ear being grabbed (left), mascot holds head (center), performer leaves (right). (Weibo images)

Closeup of performer holding head apparently in pain. (Weibo image)