Bird carving exhibition in Taipei features artworks from Taiwan, Japan

A total of 53 carvings are on display from Jan. 26 through Mar. 24

Taiwan/Japan Bird Carving Crafts Exhibition (Photo/NTCRI Taipei Branch)

Taiwan/Japan Bird Carving Crafts Exhibition (Photo/NTCRI Taipei Branch)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The “Taiwan/Japan Bird Carving Crafts Exhibition” is taking place at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute's (NTCRI) Taipei Branch between Jan. 26 and Mar. 24.

Featuring 53 wood sculptures by artists from Taiwan and Japan, the exhibition seeks to showcase marvelous wood carving skills while raising public awareness on the importance of wild fowl conservation, said the organizers.

Bird sculptors in Japan and western countries are known for their ability to create delicate wood art with lifelike details, thanks to years of observations of avian ecology and research into the physical features of birds through specimens of the animals.

The origins of wood art in Taiwan can be traced to the three different schools --Zhangzhou (漳州), Quanzhou (泉州), and Fuzhou (福州) -- in Fujian Province of China, which deals with subjects in a more abstract way. It has evolved into an art idiosyncratic to Taiwan incorporating innovative and diverse elements, the event organizers added.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Huang Lin-ming (黃麟鳴) and award-winning Lee Yi-rong (李宜融) from Taiwan, as well as seven members of the Japan Bird Carving Association (JBCA).

The event also involves a keynote speech on the topic of “The history and social contribution of bird carving” delivered by Japanese artists and a fowl specimen making workshop held by the Endemic Species Research Institute.

Taiwan/Japan Bird Carving Crafts Exhibition (如生─2019臺日野鳥雕刻工藝創作交流展)

Date: Jan. 26 – Mar. 24
Opening hours: 9: 30 – 17:30, Tuesday to Sunday
Venue: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute Taipei Branch
Address: No. 41, Nanhai Road, Taipei
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Photos courtesy of NTCRI Taipei Branch