Well-known defector, Chinese Communist Party member permitted to visit Taiwan

Chen Yun-Ying, the wife of an army officer wanted for desertion, was approved for a visit to Hualien's National Dong Hwa University last week

Chen Yun-Ying (Chinese Gov. Photo)

Chen Yun-Ying (Chinese Gov. Photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A member of China’s National People’s Congress, and the wife of a fellow Taiwanese defector has reportedly traveled on several occasions between Taiwan and China, and was in Hualien this past week at the invitation of Taiwan's National Dong Hwa University.

Chen Yun-ying (陳雲英) is a prominent Taiwanese defector within the Chinese government, who claims to represent the people of Taiwan as a member of China’s People's Political Consultative Conference, the National People’s Congress, and as the President of the Taiwan Alumni Association, as well as the Vice President of the National Taiwan Association, in China.

Her trip to Taiwan last week has attracted attention of the public and media, with Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), and the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau, actively monitoring her whereabouts and meetings.

The MAC released a statement that Chen was in Taiwan for “academic exchange activities” from Jan. 21 to Jan. 27. She reportedly applied for the proper permit and was granted permission for the visit provided she did not engage in any activities outside the purview of “academic exchanges.” She was likewise barred from visiting any government offices.

In recent years, Chen has been quoted in Chinese media as stating that she misses her hometown of Yilan very much, and that she someday hopes to buy property in the town of Jiaoxi, reports Apple Daily.

Chen is the wife of a former Taiwanese military officer, and well-known professor and economist, Justin Yifu Lin (林毅夫) who defected to China in 1979 to pursue a career as an economist in the Communist country. He was reportedly a model soldier during his service as a captain in the army.

In 1979, Lin abandoned his post on Kinmen Island and defected to nearby Xiamen, leaving behind Chen, who was pregnant, along with their three year old child, in Taiwan.

Originally, the military said he was missing in action, however many years after his defection, in 2000, the government issued an order for his arrest on charges of desertion, which still stands should he ever attempt to return to the country.

In the past, Chen made a visit to Yilan to pay respects to her father-in-law, after Lin’s father had passed away in 2002.

Chen (R) with her husband Lin Yifu (L) (Chinese Gov. Photo)