Photo of the Day: Hot 'dogs?' in New Taipei

Sign for hotdog stand in New Taipei suspiciously features a dog

Sign reads "hot dogs." (Photo by Reddit user Wavecation)

Sign reads "hot dogs." (Photo by Reddit user Wavecation)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A hot dog stand in New Taipei City has caught the eye of many Western netizens for including the photo of a canine in a country once known for eating dog meat.

On Sunday evening (Jan. 27) a user of the social media site Reddit, who goes by the handle Wavecation, spotted an unusual hot dog stand in front of Carrefour's Tanhsin location in Tamsui, New Taipei. The sign for the stand in red Chinese characters reads "hot dog" (热狗) and to the left of the words is a photo of a beagle wearing glasses.

Although Taiwan has banned the sale and consumption of dog meat, there are still isolated reports of it being consumed on the island. It is likely that these are ordinary pork hot dogs, though the stand's name scrawled in Chinese characters at the bottom reads "dog king" (狗王), adds to the mystery.

The Reddit user then posted the photo later that evening on the social media platform with the title "hmmm," soon earning it 159 upvotes. When asked by Taiwan News whether the hot dogs were made from pork or dog meat, Wavecation said that he did not purchase one and can only "verify with an educated guess" that they were made from pork.

Sign on top left reads "dog meat." (Photo by Reddit user Wavecation)