Taiwan's Pegatron hands out NT$12,000 minimum cash prize to employees

Taiwanese iPhone assembler Pegatron hands out minimum of NT$12,000 in prize money to all employees

Pegatron Chairman Tung Tzu-hsien.

Pegatron Chairman Tung Tzu-hsien. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- During its annual Weiya (尾牙, Lunar New Year party) yesterday, Taiwanese iPhone assembler Pegatron Corp. (和碩) handed out over NT$100 million in bonuses to its employees, with everyone receiving a minimum cash prize of NT$12,000, reported Apple Daily.

The top prize at Pegatron's Weiya was a Nissan Kicks subcompact crossover vehicle worth NT$800,000, while 10 lucky winners took home the three biggest cash prizes worth NT$300,000, NT$200,000, and NT$100,000. Ten more employees were awarded NT$250,000 in cash, for a total of NT$10.5 million in major cash prizes.

Employees who failed to win these prizes were not down for long as they too all won a minimum cash prize of NT$12,000. It is estimated that the total amount of prizes awarded by the company to its 7,500 employees at the event was in excess of NT$100 million.

The Weiya featured live performances by Taiwanese pop singer Hsiao Huang-chi (蕭煌奇), Singaporean artist Tanya Chua (蔡健雅), and Taiwanese rock star Wu Bai (伍佰).

Pegatron Chairman Tung Tzu-hsien (童子賢) then took the stage and told his employees that the company's revenue had exceeded NT$1 trillion for five years in a row, and said it could not have been achieved without them. Tung said the company's revenue last year reached NT$1.34 trillion.

Tung also cautioned that, though consumer markets had expanded every year in the past, driving the company to pursue growth, he questioned whether the pursuit of growth will the right path in the future.