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Taiwanese netizens mock shoddy workmanship on Kaohsiung road

Taiwanese netizen posts video of herself kicking away white lines on Kaohsiung road with flip-flops

(Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社)

(Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a netizen posted video of flimsy white lines on a road in Kaohsiung, netizens were quick to blame Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), but a different government department soon came forward to take the blame.

A netizen on Jan. 25 posted video on Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) showing the white lines on a stretch of newly paved asphalt in Kaohsiung easily being kicked away by her flimsy flip-flops, causing many to question Han's new ambitious plan to repair roads in the city. However, the new lines were not installed by Kaohsiung government road crews, but rather were part of a construction project run by the Taiwan Water Corporation.

Last year, Kaohsiung suffered from heavy rains, which led to 5,000 potholes in urban roads. This has also become an issue for Han to deal with after taking office.

Recently, a netizen posted video of a newly paved road in Kaohsiung's Hunei District showing a solid white line easily being kicked away into three sections by a woman wearing flip-flops. The video quickly caused many netizens to question the workmanship involved in Han's new project to repair Kaohsiung's roads:

"This is a zebra crossing, right?"

"Can I take these with me?"

"Moveable markings?"

Taiwanese netizens mock shoddy workmanship on Kaohsiung road
Man easily kicks away white lines. (Photo by 爆料公社)

TVBS reports that the "moveable markings" were not laid down by Han's government, but rather the Taiwan Water Corporation. Crews reportedly utilized the "hot melting method" of construction, but because of cold temperatures that day, "it took a long time to achieve the desired results," according to the report.

After the video surfaced online, Wang Ming-Hsiao (王明孝), Director of the Seventh District of the Taiwan Water Corporation told UDN that after receiving feedback from the public, the lines have already been replaced. Wang denied that the incident was a result of shoddy workmanship, but said weather conditions would be taken into account in the future in order to avoid a repeat of such a situation.

In response, Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Lee Ssu-chuan (李四川) also convened a meeting of all units to request improved construction quality to ensure that all work crews follow standard procedures, reported TVBS. Lee said that if internal units of the city government do not comply with standard procedures for construction, they will be punished immediately.

Lee added that if units apply for road construction projects, but fail to pave in accordance with the standards, they will no longer be granted contracts.

Updated : 2021-10-20 21:22 GMT+08:00