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FamilyMart rolls out laundry service in Taiwan

The laundromat market in Taiwan continues to grow year on year

FamilyMart rolls out laundry service (Photo/FamilyMart)

FamilyMart rolls out laundry service (Photo/FamilyMart)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Convenience store franchise FamilyMart has opened its first laundry store in Taiwan, marking the chain's venture into a market worth NT$10 billion (US$321 million).

Located in the Sanchong District of New Taipei (新北市三重區), the laundromat-cum-convenience store takes up 42 ping, and is fitted with five all-in-one washer-dryers. More than 10 other such stores are slated to open within the next year, targeting humid areas and commercial districts with a high percentage of renters including Xizhi (汐止) and Linkou (林口), reports Liberty Times.

Customers can access real-time information about service availability using the FamilyMart app, and can receive SMS notifications five minutes prior to the end of their laundry cycle, saving the hassle of waiting onsite. Prices for the service range from NT$190 (wash/30 mins) to NT$220 (wash and dry/60 mins), according to ETToday

FamilyMart has been expanding its service scope since 2015 through collaboration with various businesses, including Great Tree Pharmacy (大樹藥局), Tanhou (天和鮮物), Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya (吉野家), Korean fried chicken brand bb.q, and many more.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Finance, Taiwan's laundry market is worth NT$9.04 billion, having grown by 14 percent over the past five years. While traditional laundromats are on the wane, the number of self-service stores has grown to 1,360, writes Liberty Times.

FamilyMart rolls out laundry service in Taiwan(Photo/FamilyMart)

Updated : 2022-05-23 19:27 GMT+08:00