Cherry blossoms in full bloom along Tawan’s Beiheng Highway

The flowers are expected to remain in bloom through mid-February

Cherry blooms on Beiheng Highway (Photo/Taoyuan Travel website)

Cherry blooms on Beiheng Highway (Photo/Taoyuan Travel website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Time is ripe for some cherry blossom viewing along Taiwan’s Beiheng Highway (北橫公路), an East-West highway connecting Taoyuan City and Yilan County in northern Taiwan, said Taoyuan City Government.

According to Scenic Area Service Agency of Taoyuan City, cherry blossoms are in full bloom across the highway, with the flowering season expected to last through mid-February.

Cold air masses arriving one after another have provided perfect conditions for the blooming of the Taiwan cherry blossom (山櫻花), with Japanese sakura varieties including Yoshino cherry blossom (吉野櫻) set to emerge in February and March, reported Liberty Times.

Hot spots recommended for cherry blossom viewing include Qwilan tribe (高義蘭部落), Hakawan tribe (光華部落), Piyaway tribe (比亞外部落), Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area (東眼山森林遊樂區), Jiaobanshan (角板山), and Junghua Dam (榮華壩).

In addition to taking in the scenery of white and pink cherry blossoms dotting the Beiheng Highway, visitors can also indulge themselves in a foot spa experience at Taiya Hot Spring Park (泰雅故事公園) or take a stroll at the Baling Historical Trail Ecological Park (巴陵古道生態園區).

Foot bath at Taiya Hot Spring Park (Photo/