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'I am proud to be Taiwanese-American' says US presidential candidate

Andrew Yang says politicians do not understand technology

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang said he is “proud to be Taiwanese-American” during a speech in California on Jan. 19, reported CNA.

Yang, who is the Democratic Party’s first person of Asian ancestry to run for the U.S. presidency as a Democrat, made the comments during a campaign event at the Taiwanese-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles.

Yang said he is inspired to run for president for the same reasons that his parents emigrated to America: to build a better life for future generations.

Yang went on to say that both he and incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump are both grappling with the same problems, but he has different solutions.

For example, he pointed to the problem of automation and new technologies reducing labor demand. For Yang, the solution is to not reduce immigration, and surmised that politicians do not understand technology, or the economy.

In response to a question from the audience, Yang said he visits Taipei almost every year to see his parents, who retired in Taiwan after previously working and living in the U.S.

Yang is an outside chance to receive the Democratic Party nomination, and he is currently on the campaign trail to raise funds for his bid.