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Taiwan's 'bikini climber' awaiting mountain rescue after fall

Emergency search and rescue services are on their way to the site of the accident in Nantou County

(Facebook/Gigi Wu G哥比基尼的高山足跡)

(Facebook/Gigi Wu G哥比基尼的高山足跡)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Self-described “bikini climber” GiGi Wu was forced to call on mountain rescue services after slipping and falling into a 20-meter valley beside where she was climbing in Nantou County (南投縣), sustaining serious injuries.

Reports say Wu used a satellite phone to dial emergency services, but despite several attempts, rescue helicopters have not been able to reach her due to unfavorable weather conditions. Personnel from the Nantou County Fire Department are currently on their way to the site and are expected to reach Wu by noon today.

Two search and rescue groups have been dispatched, with one reporting to be already nearing the site from where Wu’s distress call was made. The fire department says four further rescue personnel are on standby at the nearby Tongfu Junior High School and in contact with the National Airborne Service Corps. The Service Corps say airborne rescue operations will commence as soon as the weather permits.

Gigi Wu is an amateur Taiwanese mountaineer who gained fame online for traversing difficult terrain around the country in swimwear. She posts photographs of her adventures on her Facebook page, which has accrued over 8,000 followers.

Apple Daily reports Wu entered a mountain range in Yushan National Park (玉山國家公園) on Jan. 11 from Dongpu in Nantou County (南投縣東埔). She posted her itinerary for a 25-day hike from Nanhua Mountain (南華山) to Mount Cho-she (卓社山) on Facebook on Dec. 24.

Taiwan's 'bikini climber' awaiting mountain rescue after fall
(Photo from Facebook: Gigi Wu G哥比基尼的高山足跡)