Eight special prizes still to be claimed in receipt lottery

September and October wins must be claimed before March 5

A tong yi lottery activity in Yilan, 2006

A tong yi lottery activity in Yilan, 2006 (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The winning numbers of the Nov. and Dec. 2018 tong yi receipt lottery (統一發票) are soon to be announced on Jan. 25, but there are still 8 special prize wins from the Sep. and Oct. lottery yet to be claimed.

According to CNA, 8 winners of NT$10,000,000 and 12 winners of NT$2,000,000 are yet to claim. Those with winning tickets are reminded to collect their prizes before they expire on March 5.

The Ministry of Finance said the winning receipts came from a variety of places around the country.

The ministry encourages customers to make the switch to digital receipts, as not only will they have access to exclusive prizes, but the system can automatically inform them of any wins once the prize numbers are announced. Additionally, for those that use iCash, winnings are deposited straight to the corresponding account.

iCash records each purchase a member makes, where and when it took place and how much was spent. If a member wins a prize on the day of the draw, they are automatically informed via the app.

For those who may be yet to claim their prize, the winning numbers for September and October are as follows:

Special prize: 96363025
Head prize: 69095510
First prize: 96745865, 98829035, 45984442