World-class Millennium Gaea Resort prepares to open in Hualien, Taiwan

The Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien in Ji-an Township will offer guests a top class resort experience while promoting local agriculture and tourism in eastern Taiwan

Millennium Gaea Resort, Hualien

Millennium Gaea Resort, Hualien (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Tucked away in Ji-an Township, Hualien County, a new world-class resort and a picturesque spot for rest and relaxation is preparing to open its doors in March this year.

The Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien, owned by the Yinsherb group, aims to make Hualien a resort destination for international travelers. The resort is currently in the midst of a soft opening as they put the finishing touches on what is already a spectacularly beautiful and comfortable establishment.

Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

Managed by Millennium Hotels and Resorts, based in Singapore, the Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien boasts a lavish menu comprised of entirely organic and locally grown produce, as well as an onsite health and wellness food center promoting local agricultural products to visitors, and selling the resorts own brand of bath and beauty products “Herb Maze.”

A letter from the General Manager, Christopher Johnson, expresses great confidence in the new hotel, and invites guests to experience the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere of the Millennium Gaea Resort Hotel.

“Immerse yourself in the only organic 'farm to table' seven senses retreat in Taiwan, where guests of all ages can experience wellness at the highest level, through all touch points; from our own brand 'Herb Maze' amenities, Gaea Kitchen dining supporting our local agricultural community, to our signature one of a kind organic herb 'steam shower room.' All experiences are to ensure each guest departs rejuvenated, revitalized, and invigorated.”

The resort offers a range of suites, with excellent views overlooking the resort's gorgeous flower garden and gazebos, set against the back drop of the Hualien mountains in one direction, and the luxurious pool and outdoor lounge area on the other.

Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

Pool, Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

The resort also offers several stand alone classrooms for DIY experiences, like a kitchen attached to the store, and a beautiful outdoor tea ceremony pavilion. Nearby, guests can also join regular classes in the resort's Yoga pavilion for a bit of invigorating exercise during their stay.

The main building also features a full service Gaea-spa to maximize visitors' sense of relaxation at the resort, ensuring guests feel rested and beautiful.

The immaculate landscape and soft lighting make for a wonderful stroll around the resort grounds no matter whether day or night, and the friendly, attentive staff make the atmosphere that much more enjoyable.
Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

Hualien invites visitors from across the world to come breathe the fresh air, and try the the freshest foods of the region at the Millennium Gaea Resort Hotel, which will officially open in late March. More information on rooms, and other amenities, can be found on the resort's official webpage.

Reading lounge, Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

Dining area, Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)

Bedroom and Bath, Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Yinsherb Group photo)

Garden and Gazebo, Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien (Taiwan News Image)