Taiwan condemns Beijing's 'out of control actions'

Cabinet denounces Beijing's 'out of control actions' after listing 66 companies as having 'incorrect labels' for Taiwan

Alex Huang.

Alex Huang. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In response to news that China had created a new list singling out Fortune 500 companies for listing Taiwan as an independent country, Taiwan's government on Thursday (Jan. 17) appealed to the international community to face up to China's "out of control international actions" (失控的國際行為).

On Wednesday (Jan. 16) China's government-linked think tank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), announced a study titled "Multinational companies' positions on the one-China principle," which listed 66 Fortune 500 companies as having "incorrect labels" for Taiwan. Companies on Beijing's new target list include Facebook, Nike, Apple Inc., Amazon, Siemens, Manulife Financial, among others.

At a press conference on Thursday, Cabinet spokesman Alex Huang (黃重諺) said that whether it was imposing "One Country, Two Systems," on Taiwan or using political intervention in the economy in threatening companies to change their listing of Taiwan, they are all brutal acts of interference in the internal affairs of countries. Huang said that such an approach not only impacts the stability of the international community, but also deprives China of international trust and respect, and is a "brazenly destroying the healthy development of cross-strait relations."

Huang said that there is no doubt that Taiwan is closely linked with the international community and firmly stands on the basis of universal values. "No attempt to change the name of Taiwan on the internet can erase Taiwan from the world," said Huang.

Huang stressed that the Taiwanese people will not bow to pressure at the expense of faith in freedom, but instead will safeguard the well-being of the next generation. Huang then described the importance of the international community in combating Beijing's bullying:

"The Cabinet needs to remind the international community to face China's out of control international actions squarely and to work together to contain and prevent the spread of such behavior in order to safeguard the values of freedom and democracy and the security and stability of the international community."

In addition, Huang once again expressed his sincere thanks to the many countries with similar ideals, including the United States, and to the international community for their solidarity in recent years.