Kaohsiung's 'We Are South' art and music fest returns to southern Taiwan

Get ready for two weekends of music performances and a celebration of art and artists happening Jan.18-20, and Jan. 25-26

'We Are South' music festival

'We Are South' music festival

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The art and music festival “We Are South” is happening again in Kaohsiung starting today (Jan. 18), bringing independent business and artists together for a celebration of culture throughout the city.

This year the festival will last two weekends, Jan. 18-20 and then round two from Jan. 25-26 with art and music performances happening in a range of live houses, bars, restaurants, and cafes.

The We Are South music festival is not your typical single venue festival. The organizers coordinate with multiple establishments to create a vibrant weekend of fun and music the spans the entire city, with guests able to access almost all of the events with a single ticket.

This year, “We Are South” is divided into three parts, which intertwine with one another.

“We Are Live” is a series of live music shows featuring over 40 live musical acts from Taiwan and abroad, including a number of special guests hailing from Japan this year.

“We Are Art in Motion” is a celebration of art in southern Taiwan presented through a variety of mediums including individual exhibitions, live paintings in front of audiences, modern dance performance and other styles of visual art, including several short film presentations.

And finally “We Are Jamming” provides artists, audience members, and creative people in the community an opportunity to interact and learn from one another with workshops, and collaborative art forums.

A great number of sponsors and local businesses have joined hands to raise the profile of art and culture in Kaohsiung. This one of a kind festival is an excellent chance to see and experience the artistic scene and creativity brewing in southern Taiwan.

More information on the festival is available on the Facebook event page, or the official webpage where tickets can also be purchased.

Enjoy a promotional video for “We Are South” below.