Elon Musk tweets offer to build tunnel for Sydney

The maverick tweeted a “bargain” price for the tunnel construction project

(Image/Boring Company founded by Elon Musk)

(Image/Boring Company founded by Elon Musk)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has just offered to build a tunnel in Sydney and provided a quotation of an estimated cost for the project to help address traffic woes for one of the largest cities of Australia – via a Twitter post.

Australian politician Jeremy Buckingham, who’s fed up with traffic jams in Sydney, tweeted to Musk on Jan. 16 asking about the cost of drilling through a mountain. “I´m a lawmaker in Sydney, which is choking with traffic. How much to build a 50-km tunnel through the Blue Mountains and open up the west of our state?”

The tweet drew a quick response from Musk: “About $15M/km for a two way high speed transit, so probably around $750M plus maybe $50M/station.” The tweet has received more than 23,000 likes.

Apparently satisfied with the reply, the New South Wales state MP noted it “sounds like a bargain” and that he would raise the topic with the Premier and other politicians before conducting further discussion with the businessman.

Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, among other brands, has gained much publicity with his ambitious ventures spanning energy sector and space ambitions. He announced plans last September to send a Japanese billionaire on a rocket around the moon, reported the Guardian.

More recently, his focus has seemed to shifted to tackling traffic problems in big cities around the world. In December, Musk unveiled a tunnel in downtown Hawthorne, California that he touted is capable of transporting sedans and passengers onboard to designated locations at high speeds, wrote CNN.

However, whether the tunnel proposal for Sydney will be pushed ahead remains a question, as Transport for New South Wales estimated the cost to build the tunnel at triple the sum that Musk suggested, said The Sydney Morning Herald.