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Wu Feng supports death penalty in wake of child abuse cases in Taiwan

Turkish entertainer Wu Feng comes out in support of death penalty in wake of recent child abuse cases in Taiwan

Wu Feng (left), woman accused of beating daughter (right). (Facebook images)

Wu Feng (left), woman accused of beating daughter (right). (Facebook images)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the wake of two brutal cases of child abuse seen in Taiwan in recent days, Taiwanese-Turkish TV show host Ugur Rifat Karlova, better known as Wu Feng (吳鳳) issued a comment today in which he came out in support of the death penalty for particularly heinous cases.

In response to Yahoo News article about an 18-month-old toddler who was beaten to death by her mother and those around her and the news of a father beating his son for not adding hot peppers to his meatballs, Wu Feng posted a comment below expressing his support for the death penalty in extreme cases of child abuse, quickly gaining thousands of likes by Taiwanese readers.

In the comments section of the article about the beating death of the tiny toddler, Wu Feng wrote the following comment:

"I have never publicly shared my support for the death penalty! But for the first time since the recent spate of child abuse, I sincerely support very serious punishment that includes the death penalty! This kind of behavior should definitely not be punished lightly! I feel that we as influential entertainers are also responsible for helping Taiwan's society progress, and the world to improve."

Wu Feng supports death penalty in wake of child abuse cases in Taiwan
Screen capture from comments section of Yahoo News.

Within one hour alone the comment gained 1,150 likes and has garnered many thousands since. Many netizens echoed their support for Wu Feng's comments:

"I support heavy sentences."

"We need entertainers to help voice our concerns, and we need the whole nation to pay attention to the issue."

"I support whipping first, and then the death penalty."

"My idea is the same as yours, chaotic times call for heavy punishments."

While others expressed doubts that substantive action will be taken:

"Most people have lost confidence in Taiwan's judiciary."

"Everyone shouted for half a day and did not see the government do anything."

"But we shouted again and again. Did it work?"

Updated : 2021-09-26 17:19 GMT+08:00