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ZEV launches Taiwan’s first Tesla taxi service

ZEV hopes to be carbon neutral by 2021

ZEV launch event in Taipei.

ZEV launch event in Taipei. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese startup Zero-Emission Venture (ZEV) will formally launch Taiwan’s first fully-electric taxi service tomorrow (Jan. 16).

ZEV currently has 20 Tesla S and X model vehicles at the ready, which will be initially used to transport passengers to and from Taoyuan airport, before expanding throughout northern and western Taiwan.

ZEV, formerly known as 0Taxi, believe that Taiwan and the world more broadly is reaching a tipping point where electric vehicles become the norm, and the company hopes to be carbon neutral by 2021 through the use of green energy.

At the launch event in Taipei today, ZEV Founder and CEO Jerry Wang (王日新) said that the company’s fleet will be 100 percent electric, and that they aim to be pioneers of electric taxis in Taiwan.

Wang said company is interested in air pollution, and they will aggregate real-time air quality readings from their Tesla vehicles into a central database. This information could prove helpful in a wide variety of academic, policy, or other uses.

Wang added that the company’s first profits will be reinvested into green energy ventures.

ZEV will initially service Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu, with the company first operating as an airport shuttle. The company is targeting the general public, as well as business people alike, and ZEV said the majority of their drivers have language abilities beyond Chinese.

ZEV expects strong expansion over the coming months, with the company making plans to run a fleet of 100 vehicles by the end of the year. They suggest their service has a significant point of difference to competitors due to the app’s ease of use, comfort of Tesla vehicles, and environmental focus of the company.

ZEV vehicles can be booked through their app, which is available for both android and iOS devices. The company said that the base rate to travel to, or from Taoyuan International Airport is NT$1499 (US$48.65) and NT$350 for a intra-city trip.

Wang quipped that the airport shuttle the cheapest anywhere in the world that uses a Tesla, and added the company is not interested in a price war with competitors.

Updated : 2021-04-23 14:47 GMT+08:00