Russian girl displeased with China’s attempt to ‘steal’ Taiwan

The foreign student has a high regard for Taiwan for many reasons, one among them being freedom of speech

A Russian girl who shares how she loves Taiwan in a video (Screengrab of YouTube)

A Russian girl who shares how she loves Taiwan in a video (Screengrab of YouTube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Russian student currently studying for a master’s degree in Taiwan expressed her profound affection for Taiwan and recognized why China covets the country in a YouTube video, which has garnered more than 340,000 views and received great support from Taiwan’s online community, and even many Chinese netizens.

The girl, who identified herself as a Russian national, can be seen speaking in fluent Mandarin in the short clip published Jan. 9 by the YouTube account Stopkiddinstudio. In the video she says she understands the rationale for “a country which desperately wants to steal Taiwan.”

She listed a number of things which Taiwan can boast, including convenient transportation, rich gastronomic culture, the health insurance system, and freedom of speech – which may be considered a basic right among Taiwanese but is definitely something Russians can only dream of.

According to her, individuals who speak ill of the president or government of Russia are subject to a fine of RUB 5,000 (NT$2,300).

The girl, who has stayed in Taiwan for one and a half years, also thinks highly of Taiwan’s postgraduate education which shows respect for students while encouraging discussion.

She notes an incident where a Chinese student confronted her teacher in a class, making the assertion that “Taiwan is part of China.” To her surprise, the teacher did not rebut the claim, but instead calmly exchanged opinions with the student. “This is the most valuable thing I see in Taiwan, ” she reckoned.

The Russian girl’s compliments for Taiwan have been met with supportive comments. Remarks from a Chinese netizen who goes by the handle François De Beaucorps particularly stood out, as a person who voiced support for the idea that "the fate of Taiwan should be determined by its own people” and who also stated that “Taiwan still has the backing of sane Chinese people.”