New Taipei's 'Meatball Dad' apologizes for beating family over peppers, wife issues statement

'Meatball Dad' apologizes for beating son, wife over hot peppers in New Taipei, wife releases statement

Lin bowing.

Lin bowing. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A New Taipei City man issued a public apology yesterday after video surfaced on Sunday (Jan. 13) showing him beat his son and wife over the lack of hot peppers on his Taiwanese meatballs.

On Sunday (Jan. 13), a member of Baoyuan Commune (爆怨公社) posted a video on the Facebook group showing a 42-year-old man surnamed Lin (林) berating his son for bringing back Taiwanese Ba-wan (肉圓, meatballs) without the hot peppers he had requested. The verbal abuse soon transforms into physical violence with the man striking his son in the face and choking his wife as both apologize for the infraction.

Outraged, a gang of seven vigilantes stormed his home and assaulted him for revenge, while an angry mob gathered outside his home in New Taipei City's Luzhou District and fried up hot chili peppers in protest.

On Monday afternoon (Jan. 14), Lin stepped out in front of the police station in New Taipei City's Luzhou District to face the media. He started by saying he would like to "apologize for the harm he caused to his wife and child because he lost control after drinking for a while," reported TVBS. He then bowed and apologized for causing the police to be involved and for the trouble he caused his neighbors.

Lin claimed that this was the first time he had beaten his wife because an emotional disorder caused by drinking. He said he had beaten his child in the past, but insisted that it was part of his "education" and had nothing to do with drinking, according to TVBS.

Lin speaking to media. (CNA image)

That same day, Lin's father released a video showing Lin beating his child with a rod in October of last year, as well as photos of the injuries he sustained.

During the press conference, Lin made another deep bow to apologize to his son and repeatedly said, "I'm sorry." But when reporters asked him about his wife's request for a divorce, his attendance of religious ceremonies, and whether he was paying his wife NT$70,000 per month, he said those were family matters and he would not make a public comment.

As for the angry vigilantes who came to his home to look for him, Lin said that he had opened the door to let them in because he "knew he had made a mistake."

Lin's wife (left), Lin (right). (Image from Facebook)

Also on Monday (Jan. 14), Lin's wife made a public statement about the incident in New Taipei City and said that it was not the first time her husband had physically abused her and her child during drunken rages. That same day, her father-in-law released a video showing Lin beating his son with a rod in October of last year, as well as photos of the injuries he sustained.

The woman said that, although she had been advised to seek medical treatment for the injuries in the past, she had refused. She also disclosed that when her child was younger, she said "I really wanted to die," and it the beatings of the child "cut her heart like a knife," reported UDN.

When asked why she had not tried to report her husband earlier to put an end to the violence, the woman said, "The reason is like the meatball incident. If I stop it, the end will be worse." Instead, she said that she could only painfully gather evidence and strive for the day would she could leave the environment of domestic violence as soon as possible and find a place where she and her child could live in safety, according to the report.

Lin berating his son for bringing back meatballs without peppers. (Still from Baoyuan Commune)

The following is the public statement issued by Lin's wife:

"For the sake of my child, I have to stand up and protect him. My child has been subject to violence for a long time. In his early years, he even cried to me and said, 'Why did you give birth to me? I want to die!' As a mother, when I heard this, my heart was cut like a knife, so I had to go to school and go through psychological counseling. In recent years, there have been many violent confrontations. I spent a lot of effort in repairing his injured heart.

At the end of 2016, when we were decorating our house and staying at my mother-in-law's house temporarily, he lost control and grabby the child's collar and pulled his feet off the ground. At that time, I stopped him. He pounded the wardrobe with his fist. My parent'-in-law also knew about it.

I first communicated with my mother-in-law, I wanted to take a good look at our marriage, and asked her not to be too anxious and she agreed. I had a long talk with my husband that night. I said that we could go to see a doctor and see a counselor together. I didn't want irreparable regrets to occur between us. He said he couldn't control his emotions, but he couldn't go to see a doctor.

At that time, our final conclusion was to separate temporarily. He stayed at his mother-in-law's house, and my son and I went back to live in Luzhou. But after a few days, he ran back home on the grounds that my mother-in-law asked him to come back to help with the arrangement and was still reluctant to seek medical treatment. I was very afraid, I was afraid he was getting worse and worse. I was afraid that something really would happen that day.

In October 2017, my child zoned out while doing his homework. When he hit my child with an iron rod, he struck him three times with such force that bruises immediately formed. He even said to my child that it would not hurt. Although the father said it would not hurt, but in my heart as a mother, it really hurt, but why didn't I try to stop him? The reason was just like the meatball incident. If I tried to stop him, I was afraid the child would be beaten worse, so I could only endure the pain and gather evidence!"

Video shows Lin beat his child with a rod for zoning out while doing homework: