Turkish TRT video report 'Why there are Two Chinas' angers people on both sides of Taiwan Strait

Turkish international news channel produced a video on Taiwan and China, with a few mistakes

Screengrab from TRT Facebook page

Screengrab from TRT Facebook page

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The English language Turkish news channel, TRT World, released a short clip highlighting cross-strait relations and the dilemma facing Taiwan and China on Jan. 13.

The short four minute video provides a brief historical view of the situation for those unfamiliar with cross-strait politics, but the video is most notable, and has already been roundly criticized, for its title “Why there are two Chinas.”

Such a video title will no doubt displease many on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, as most people in Taiwan do not consider themselves “Chinese.” Meanwhile, the idea that there are “Two Chinas” is completely anathema to the political ideology of the Chinese communist party (CCP), who insist there is only “One China,” and who frequently appeal to their so-called "One China policy."

The comments for the video, which was posted on Facebook, amply illustrate the criticisms of the TRT production, which is likely to spur an official letter of criticism from the CCP.

Despite giving credence to the so-called “1992 consensus,” which the Tsai government and most historians recognize as a historical fabrication, the video does accurately portray the complex relationship between the two countries.

While including Taiwan within the concept of “Two Chinas” is sure to anger both supporters of Taiwanese independence, as well as deep blue KMT and CCP supporters, the video does at least accurately convey Taiwan’s complete rejection of the proposed “One County, Two systems” framework, which was stated clearly by President Tsai in response to CCP chairman Xi Jinping’s new year address to Taiwan.

Some choice Facebook comments include:

“Taiwan is Taiwan, Taiwan is not China.”

“There are no two China on earth, there is PRC and Taiwan !!!”

“There is actually no such an agreement as "the 1992 agreement." There is only an agreement in 1992 from both governments on the disagreement of both countries!”

“there is only one China, the other one is called Taiwan you imbecile"

The video “Why there are Two Chinas” can be viewed on the TRT World Facebook page.