Han Kuo-yu invites 25 men to jump into Kaohsiung's Love River

Han Kuo-yu invites 25 men to jump into Kaohsiung's Love River to promote 'love industry'

Love River in Kaohsiung.

Love River in Kaohsiung. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In order to promote Kaohsiung as a romantic getaway, the city's Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) has invited 25 men to jump into the city's Love River to express their love, in response a local psychiatrist said, "stop being an idiot."

According to local media reports, Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau Director Pan Heng-hsu (潘恆旭) said that Han's plan is to hold the event, titled "Jump into Love River," on Feb. 13 and 14 to closely coincide with Valentine's Day. During the event, 25 men wearing life jackets will plunge into the Love River while shouting "I love you" to their significant other.

Pan also said a "check-in point" for social media will be set up in front of the "Love-word" art installation on the edge of the Love River. The number in the name of the event in Chinese "1314 Love Day Activities" (1314愛情日活動) is a homophone with the phrase yishengyishi (一生一世, a lifetime).

In response, KMT City Councillor Chiu Yu-hsuan (邱于軒) excitedly announced that she had signed up with her husband for the event on Feb. 14. When asked at a press conference yesterday if he would take the plunge, Han said, "If jumping into the Love River is helpful for Kaohsiung's sightseeing, maybe I will jump," reported Liberty Times.

However, Psychiatrist Lin Keng-hsin (林耕新) on Saturday (Jan. 12) on Facebook criticized the plan by saying that as a person "who has been devoted to suicide and prevention for a long time, jumping into a river is not romantic, on the contrary, it is our infinite worry, even a pain in the heart!" Lin then asked the Kaohsiung government to "stop being an idiot," adding that the "patience of citizens is limited."

Netizens were less than impressed with Han's plan:

"It's just a marketing ploy."

"This is idiotic. When somebody dies, you'll know about it."

"Psychological counseling for city government officials should be mandatory."

"See how long they can last..."

"I suggest they jump off the 85th floor to seel Kaohsiung better, shocking the whole world would get better results."

"The last time I was there, the Love River was a nice shade of puke green and it smelled like trash."