7 vigilantes storm home, angry mob in New Taipei fries chili peppers over 'Meatball Dad' video

7 vigilantes storm home, angry New Taipei mob fries chili peppers to protest 'Meatball Dad' domestic abuse case

Screen capture from Baoyuan Commune video.

Screen capture from Baoyuan Commune video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Last night (Jan. 13), seven vigilantes stormed the home of a New Taipei man, while an angry mob gathered outside and fried chili peppers, after video surfaced of him physically assaulting his son and wife over meatballs that were not spicy enough.

After video surfaced on social media of a 42-year-old man surnamed Lin (林) beating his son and choking his wife, a gang of vigilantes stormed his home and assaulted him for revenge, while an angry mob gathered outside his home in New Taipei City's Luzhou District and fried up hot chili peppers in protest.

Yesterday afternoon, a member of Baoyuan Commune (爆怨公社) posted a video on the Facebook group showing Lin berating his son for bringing back Taiwanese Ba-wan (肉圓, meatballs) without the hot peppers he had requested. The verbal abuse soon transforms into physical violence with the man striking his son in the face and choking his wife as both apologize for the infraction.

Lin shouting at his son with a beer in his hand. (Screen capture from Baoyuan Commune)

Outrage on social media soon spread like wildfire, prompting seven men to gather outside of Lin's home and ring the doorbell. Once he opened the door, they stormed in and started slapping him to get revenge for his hapless son and wife, before police arrived on the scene and an ambulance whisked Lin to Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for treatment, according to TVBS.

Police used batons to subdue the seven vigilantes, before taking them in for questioning. Two of the vigilantes sustained significant injuries that required them to be also be sent to Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for medical treatment, reported ETtoday.

Meanwhile, a huge angry mob numbering in the hundreds gathered outside of Lin's home and started to fry chili peppers in protest. Live video of the scene soon gathered 90,000 views, and it was not until a police officer took a pot of fried peppers from the crowd and agreed not to put it waste, that the throng finally started to disperse at around 11:18, according to CNA.

Lin striking his son in the face. (Screen capture from Baoyuan Commune)

Luzhou police told ETtoday that they had received a report of the domestic disturbance involving Lin, his wife, and son at 8 p.m. on Jan. 12. After Lin's wife and son were sent to the hospital, doctors documented bruises on the woman's head and shoulder, while the 12-year-old boy had bruises on his right cheek and abrasions on his left ear and right hand.

Police said that an emergency protection order has been applied for to shield the woman and her children, and negotiations with the Department of Social Welfare have begun on taking steps to prevent Lin from assaulting the family again. Lin's wife has taken the children with her to her mother's home, and after they recover from their injuries, she plans to file charges against him.

Mob gathered outside of Lin's home. (CNA image)

The boy's grandfather complained that domestic violence had occurred on numerous occasions over the 12 years the couple had been married, with both mother and son frequently covered in bruises, reported ETtoday. The grandfather said that, although his daughter claimed things were fine, he knew of at least three occasions in which his son-in-law had beaten her after getting drunk.

After deciding that enough was enough, the grandfather asked his daughter to shoot video of Lin's violent outbursts to gather evidence for a restraining order or divorce. Choking back tears, the grandfather told ETtoday, "I was so angry but felt helpless, I've already cried so many times..."

Police officer takes pan of hot peppers from crowd. (CNA image)

The video below showings a vigilante striking Lin for revenge:

Pan of chili peppers taken by police. (Facebook photo)