Designs for 'Taipei Twin Towers' revealed by Dutch firm MVRDV

The architectural firm hopes to revitalize Taipei's central station area to create the 'Times Square of Taiwan'

(Image courtesy of MVRDV)

(Image courtesy of MVRDV)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Dutch architectural firm based in Rotterdam, MVRDV, has released concept art for a new structure being planned for central Taipei, which the company hopes will become the “Times Square of Taiwan.”

The Taipei Twin Towers project is an ambitious architectural proposal to beautify the neighborhood surrounding Taipei’s main train station, by incorporating cutting edge architecture, a spacious park and promenade, along with a huge array of LCD light facades, reminiscent of some popular sci-fi films in recent years.

The design, created in cooperation CHY Architecture Urban Landscape, and contracted under the Nan Hai Development Group, was revealed to the public in a press release on Jan. 9.

The two primary towers, designed to be 337 and 280 meters tall, resemble stacks of large multicolored blocks. The “Taipei Twin Towers” in the design proposal are to be constructed over the surface level entrances to the recently completed purple MRT Line.

The eye-catching towers, adjacent to the historic main station building, will be covered in brightly lit advertisements, similar to those in New York’s Time Square, and inside they will contain “retail, offices, two cinemas, and two hotels.”

(Image courtesy of MVRDV)

Of the two commercial areas, one will be “targeted at young, trendy travelers crowning the East tower” with and the other “focusing on the luxury market crowning the West tower,” according to the press release.

The design also offers some ideas for the surrounding park and promenade area.

From the MVRDV press release.

“At ground level, the design proposes a sunken plaza, with a variety of interventions inspired by the history of the site: structures marking the former locations of the original station and plaza and some old houses will turn this plaza in the center of Taipei into a kind of archeological study, a vision bringing to light the city’s past. These structures will include pergolas to provide shade, tribunes to allow for public events, and a variety of other public services.”

MVRDV principal and co-founder Winy Maas says that the “The Taipei Twin Towers will turn this area into the downtown that Taipei deserves” and will help the city better reveal its “metropolitan charms and exciting qualities” in its first impression for visitors arriving from outside the city and from abroad.

(Image courtesy of MVRDV)

The stacked design of the blocks allows for plenty of ventilation and open terraces among the structures, which can be utilized for social gatherings, relaxation, performances, or fine dining.

“Thanks to the small size of the retail blocks, it makes it possible for each to contain just a small number of tenants – and in many cases just a single store. This opens up the possibility that each block could communicate its unique character through an individual façade. A number of these facades are also proposed to feature interactive media displays, making the buildings dynamic hosts for showing major cultural spectacles, sporting events, and of course advertising.”

Both towers and the various levels will be connected by a series of pedestrian walkways, designed to be convenient and provide impressive views of the surrounding environment.

The current press release from MVRDV offers no timeline for government approval, or potential construction.

(Image courtesy of MVRDV)