Taipei Camellias Show opens on Yang Ming Mountain

The show features over 500 species of Camellia flowers, and will only run for 10 days from Jan. 11-20

Taipei Camellia Show (Photo from Taipei Flowers FB Group)

Taipei Camellia Show (Photo from Taipei Flowers FB Group)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taipei Camellias Show (台北茶花展) opened on Friday, Jan. 11, and will have for a brief 10 day run at Yang Ming mountain’s Floriculture Experiment Center.

Visitors can see splendid flower displays featuring over 500 different species of Camellia flower, and it is free for the public.

The director of the center, Huang Liyuan (黃立遠), was quoted by LTN as saying that the Taipei Camellias Show is the largest display of Camellia flowers in Taiwan, and the director also boasted the wide variety of flowers on display at the show and the generally beautiful scenery of Yang Ming mountain and the Floriculture Experiment Center.

In addition to the flower show, the center provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching and nature study. For those interested in flower arrangement there are free courses on Camellia flower displays, and lectures on the flower for those who speak Mandarin.

For more info and more great photos of the Taipei Camellias Show visit the Taipei Flower Facebook group (臺北新花漾粉絲團).

(Photo from the Taipei Flowers FB Group)