Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

Check out some of the special events and regular, weekly activities occurring over the next week in Taipei

Taiwan National Concert Hall

Taiwan National Concert Hall (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Moving towards the middle of the first month of 2019, there are still plenty of activities and events happening in Taipei to pique everyone's interests.

Saturday, Jan. 12, there will be a final party to celebrate the end of the successful, sixth annual Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Enjoy some modern video artwork creations at the Hong-gah Museum, and a selection of music from DJs playing everything from classic hip-hop and 90s hits to Neo-Soul and vapor wave jams.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

From the curators of arguably Taipei's most popular queer music and entertainment party, Create Ur Mmmagic, comes BLUSH, a new party for all gender expressions featuring drag queen performances, disco/house/techno music from some of Taipei's top DJs, and a night bound to be filled with artistic expression and creative flair. Express yourself tomorrow night at B1, a new venue near Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station. Tickets are NT$500 on the door before 12, NT$600 after.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

Fans of classic country may be interested in a Hank Williams tribute concert with Ryan Cook, and special guest David Chen of the Muddy Basin Ramblers happening on Jan. 12 at Tacheles in Wanhua.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

Anyone who enjoys contemporary street dance or just dance in general may want to check out the third annual “ALL DANCE FEVER” event on Saturday, Jan. 12. The event in Wanhua includes an open competition. Organizers welcome any kind of dance performance and encourage anyone to participate, whether solo, duo, or as a team. Prize money is available for winners of several categories of competition being hosted. Or just come and enjoy the performances as a spectator.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

On Sunday, Jan. 13 at Yuanshan Park, fans of modern and local fashion may be interested in checking out the annual “Fashion Weekend Café,” which is a casual event and market place for designers and those interested in current fashions to meet and network. A small market of seasonal pieces, samples, and secondhand goods will also be happening.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

The Taipei Biennial 2018, which began in mid-November, is still running until March 2019. Hosted by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Goethe Institut Taipei, this year’s theme is “Post Nature: the Museum as an Ecosystem.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

4000CE, an art exhibition beginning Jan. 12 invites eight internal artists with an eclectic mix of styles to display works that depict a particular time period between now and the year 4000. Guests are invited to witness projections of "the future trajectory of our species and our planet through the artists' eyes." There will be an opening party on Jan. 12 with live music, food and drinks.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

Creative American mezzo-soprano singer Joyce DiDonato, known for her exquisite voice, unique style and less conventional performances will be presenting her award-winning album In War & Peace alongside the il Pomo d'Oro orchestra at the National Concert Hall on Jan. 18. Tickets are available on the theater's website.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

The Taipei Camellias Show (台北茶花展) opened on Friday, Jan. 11, and will have for a brief 10 day run at Yang Ming mountain’s Floriculture Experiment Center. Visitors can see splendid flower displays featuring over 500 different species of Camellia flower, and it is free for the public.

Upcoming events in Taipei, Jan. 12 - 20

Regular Hangouts

Taipei Red Room hosts its 104th "Stage & Wine Time" open mic night on Jan. 19 featuring spoke word, music, dance and other various performances from the local community. Attendees are encouraged to bring food and drink to share with the community.

Two Three Comedy continues to hold open mic comedy nights at 23 Music Room every Monday night, starting at 9.30 p.m. If you think you're funny enough, participants can sign up on the night.

If you want to put your English to use and enjoy an open forum to discuss different topics and hear presentations in English, check out the iEnglish Club English Gathering every Saturday.

If you're looking for a family friendly group to practice your English or your Chinese, consider checking out events with Language Exchange Taipei. They are having a free language exchange on Sunday afternoon at Lifehouse Taipei.

The LEIT Language Exchange group regularly hosts a huge number of activities. Check their events page for friendly hangouts and language exchange opportunities.

For the begining of 2019, Taiwan's Bobwundaye bar on Heping Rd. in the Da'an District will be hosting Wednesday Open Mic Nights for anyone who wants to share a little bit of their musical or artistic talent with an audience. The floor is opened for performances beginning at 10:00 p.m.

Everyone’s favorite Irish bar in Gongguan near NTU, James Joyce, is also hosting live music every weekend.

If you have a love of Indian food and culture, then you can always stop by the Mayur Indian Kitchen location on Songjiang Road, where they have regular dance performances or Indian music for dining customers on Saturday nights.

For those new to Taipei, or those who have been here a while but still haven't seen all the city has to offer, consider taking a walking tour with "Like it Formosa." Tours happen regularly every week, with four different types of tours to choose from, depending on what you want to see.

And depending on your interests, check this list of meet up groups regularly to see if there is anything up your alley.

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