Walk through Taiwan’s most beautiful and preserved beaches via Alangyi Trail

Alangyi is the old name of a local tribal community in Daren Township, Taitung County

(photo courtesy of George Liao)

(photo courtesy of George Liao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Alangyi Trail (阿塱壹古道) crosses Taiwan’s most unspoiled coastline that stretches from Taitung County’s Daren Township (達仁鄉) to Pingtung County’s Mudan Township (牡丹鄉).

The coastline and its inland area is one of the very few areas in Taiwan where the land masses are not bisected by any highways.

In 2012, Pingtung County Government designated the area an ecological reserve complete with a permit application and the need to hire an aboriginal guide.

The requirement for having a permit and an aboriginal guide in order to visit the coastal area via the Alangyi Trail is designed to preserve the pristine coast and increase job opportunities for local aborigines, Pingtung County Government said.

The 8-km Alangyi Trail has two entrances, which are located at Taitung’s Nantien Village (南田村) and Pingtung’s Syuhai Village (旭海村), respectively.

The ancient trail follows the contour of the coastline onto the pebble benches and up the coastal mountains protruding into the sea. Round pebbles of different sizes stack on the beach, and make loud sounds as they clash when the wave is ebbing.

The trail is divided into four sections, with each having different natural landscapes, which include pristine pebble beaches, lost rivers, and coastal forests.

To apply for an entry permit and a tour guide, please visit the ecological reserve’s Chinese website. Don’t forget to apply eight days to one month in advance before you go.

(photo courtesy of George Liao)

(photo courtesy of George Liao)