2018 was 5th hottest year in Taiwan's history

Global warming: Taiwan registers its 5th hottest year in recorded history in 2018


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As balmy temperatures continue through the winter, Taiwan saw the fifth hottest year in recorded history in 2018, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

On a Facebook post released on Jan. 1, the CWB announced that the average temperature at 13 weather stations across the country was 24.22 degrees Celsius, making it the fifth hottest year in Taiwan since records have been kept in 1947. In 2018, Taiwan also saw the highest average temperature for May in history and December recording the second highest average temperatures ever.

Last year, Taipei had a record five days above 37 degrees, also a new record. Even more noteworthy is the fact that the past four years comprise the top five hottest years in history.

According to analysis by the CWB, there was an unusually heavy amount of rainfall in January last winter, but then there was a significant lack of spring rain and plum rain, which led to a tightening of water supplies. A strong subtropical high in May brought record-breaking high temperatures, but when the plum rains came in June, the water shortage was eased.

By July and August, several waves of southwest winds and tropical depressions brought heavy rains and disasters to southern and central Taiwan. The heavy rains during this period prevented the mercury from rising higher.

Summer-like temperatures continued well into the fall, with only a brief cool spell in October. It was not until the end of December that there was a trace of winter-like weather seen in the country.

As for tropical storms, the CWB said the 29 tropical storms that formed last year well surpassed the average of 25.67. In the month of August alone, nine tropical storms formed, the second largest number for the month in history.

However, only one typhoon made landfall in Taiwan last year, much fewer than the average of three to four a year.