Taiwanese blogger, plastic surgeon husband flee to Canada to evade fraud charges

Taiwanese blogger Lady Nai Nai flees to Canada, seeks 'refugee status' to evade fraud charges in Taiwan

Huang (left) and Su (right). (Facebook image)

Huang (left) and Su (right). (Facebook image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Famous Taiwanese blogger Su Chen Tuan (蘇陳端), her cosmetic surgeon husband, and father-in-law have been charged with fraud and have fled to Canada where they are seeking "refugee status," reports NOWnews.

Su, 44, better known as Lady Nai Nai (貴婦奈奈), her husband Paul Huang (黃博健), 38, a plastic surgeon, and his father Huang Li-hsiung (黃立雄) fled Taiwan on Nov. 30, after Su was charged with embezzlement. On Wednesday (Jan. 9), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) detained the trio when they attempted to enter the country from the U.S., however, as they held Canadian permanent residency they were released, and promptly applied for refugee status.

Su and Huang suddenly closed their cosmetic surgery clinic, Ab Initio Medicina (杏立博全), in late November, after allegedly defrauding customers and friends out of NT$1 billion worth of investments in the clinic and other ventures. On, Jan. 8, the Taipei Prosecutor's Office issued a warrant for the arrest of the three suspects, which will continue to be in effect for up to 25 years.

Su. (Facebook image)

The next day (Jan. 9), the three were reportedly intercepted by CBSA officers as they entered Canada from the U.S. However, because they held documents proving Canadian permanent residency and the officers did not have sufficient reason to hold them, they were released.

Upon her release from detention, Su reportedly immediately applied for refugee status. Although this application is likely to be denied, she will be able to remain in the country by using the tactic of "continuous appeal for refugee status." Five members of Su's family reportedly reside in Hamilton, Ontario.

Due to the absence of an extradition agreement between Taiwan and Canada, and past cases of Taiwanese financial fraud criminals fleeing to Canada, Taiwan's judicial departments and relevant departments of the National Immigration Agency are deeply frustrated by the inability to take more direct action.

Google Maps image of outside of clinic.

Huang (left) and Su (right). (Facebook image)

Huang (left) and Su (right). (Facebook image)