Old Suhua Highway in eastern Taiwan to become more tourism oriented

The agency added that the 17-kilometer section has great tourism potential

(Photo source: Wikipedia)

(Photo source: Wikipedia)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s highway authority will plan to turn the old Suhua Highway, also known as Provincial Highway 9D, into a "Pacific Ocean scenic avenue,” hoping that in the future the scenic highway will only allow slow-speed vehicles to travel, according to a Chinese-language Liberty Times report.

The section of the Suhua Improvement Project between Su'ao and Dong'ao will be open to truck traffic, beginning on Jan. 17, the Directorate General of Highways (DGOH) said in a news release posted on its website on Wednesday. At the same time, truck travel on the 17-kilometer section of the old Suhua Highway between Su'ao and Dong'ao, which has great potential to revitalize tourism in the area, will be banned, the DGOH said, according to the report.

The DGOH said that after the whole Suhua Improvement Project is completed, the agency will revamp the old Suhua Highway and turn it into a highway for recreational purposes, on which only slow-speed vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to travel, the report said.